A Climate of Mattering

Success Stories


Ashely E&L

I was a little bit nervous coming in. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know how your staff could help me. I didn’t even know what I wanted – and now everything’s completely changed. I know what I want to do with my life, I’ve gotten lots of help, and you’ve made it more than easy for me. The turning point was coming in, talking to you, and hearing about my options, things I could look into to further my education, to get where I want to be, and to do what I want to do.




Syed E&L

I had a positive experience learning how to be productive and fast. I was surprised when you gave me three different cover letters for three different positions. I was surprised and impressed by the work. I came in for all of the meetings and all of the Employer Meet and Greets. They are actually a way better platform to meeting employers in person…and I got a positive response from them. You always keep on motivating people…you made me know my capabilities.




Michelle E&L

Now, after the workshops, I’ve gone through how to effectively find work, and I feel 100 per cent confident. I feel great. In the group setting, you have other people and other stories. You went through the PowerPoints, so there was visual learning. There was engagement, conversation and writing. When I left each workshop, I had a portfolio to take with me to go back and reflect upon. It just gave me that extra confidence – that extra everything, I guess – to find work, which I have. I attribute that to the workshops I attended here.