Lift As You Climb

Women of Distinction Awards® category descriptions:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes a woman who has been an exemplary leader over the course of her lifetime, in one or more fields, and who has served as a role model for our community.

Are you nominating a woman for the Lifetime Achievement Award? Remember, all nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award are also nominated for a secondary award category. For example, a woman would be nominated in both Lifetime Achievement and Arts, Culture, and Heritage. If she is not selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award, she will be considered in the secondary award category. A recipient will only receive one award per year. A short list is not announced for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Only the final Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is announced.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Award

Recognizes the artistic achievement of women whose create work or support of the arts, culture and heritage inspires our community.

Athletics Award

Recognizes women whose inspirational athletic leadership in sport, fitness, or recreational programs benefits our community.

Community Building Award

Recognizes influential community builders whose leadership or volunteerism helps create a community where everyone can thrive.

Education Award

Recognizes exceptional educators in schools, institutions, or community programs who are role models in their profession and community involvement.

Entrepreneurship Award

Recognizes successful entrepreneurs who have established strong business ventures, and who are committed to giving back to our community.

Health and Wellness Award

Recognizes exceptional work in health and wellness, improving the physical, emotional, social, or spiritual health of individuals in our community.

Leadership and Professions Award

Recognizes leaders, professionals, and managers who inspire positive change, and who are role models in their profession and community involvement.

Research and Technology

Recognizes women for excellence or discovery in research and technology, who are role models in their careers and community involvement.

U29 Award for Young Women

Recognizes emerging leaders age 29 and under who are inspirational role models in their careers, academic achievements or community building roles.